Goa can be a solo trip!

That Goa plan that we all want in college, but seems like its never going to happen. I kind of had similar thoughts. I made several plans to Goa and all of them fell apart because either someone doesn't want to go, or they don't have money, or they're schedule is too busy (which it... Continue Reading →

Take a Solo Trip regardless of your Age.

Half of you reading this will think that taking solo trips is awesome and you should plan one soon. The other half are still unconvinced of the reason why people take solo trips at all and prefer to travel in duos or groups. Well on one side of the coin, everyone likes to travel in... Continue Reading →

Gwalior in a day

Gwalior, a city which has seen all the various stages of medieval history of the country, from the wars to the golden periods, the colonisation, right upto the modern age where it stands tall as a proud city in the state and country. Gwalior has always been a city to stand its ground and stay... Continue Reading →

Chausath Yogini Temple; history on a hill

High above luscious green fields stands the Chausath Yogini Temple. This temple is close to the Bateshwar temples in the Morena district, about 30-40 minutes outside of Gwalior. There is a short but steep climb to the top where you have a beautiful temple which at one glance reminds you of the Parliament building in... Continue Reading →

Himalayas dance on your tastebuds

Himalayan food isn’t widely known or tasted, but the one’s who have been to this region and tasted their authentic food they will understand the sheer bliss you get from sipping on that warm and tasty thukpa while looking at the vast grandeur of the Himalayan mountain range. There are a few dishes from the... Continue Reading →

Rajasthani Food; a Rajputana treasure

I travel across Rajasthan to experience the deliciousness of this wondorous state of India. Rajput royal cuisine is slowly disappearing off the food map. Rajput royal cuisine is now very often seen merged with marwari vegetarian food. The rajput cuisine you get today (which is rare itself) is watered down far beyond what the cuisine... Continue Reading →

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